Nigeria Zong Gu project

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       In the global hydropower project is located in the territory of Niger, Nigeria, 150 kilometers from the capital Abujiayue, including the dam, water tower, water diversion tunnel, underground powerhouse, power transmission lines, access roads and other auxiliary facilities, the total installed capacity of 700MW.In December 11, 2012, a joint venture between China Hydropower and electrician and Ministry of electric power of Nigeria signed the EPC contract of zanggruu hydropower station, with a contract amount of about 1 billion 290 million dollars.The eight bureaus of China's hydropower project and the three bureau are responsible for the implementation of the eight triad.
In May 28, 2013, the commencement ceremony of the Zong Gu hydropower project was held, and Goodlec Jonathan, President of Nigeria, attended and delivered a speech.Nigeria is one of the major exporters of oil in the world, but the construction of its power facilities is lagging behind, and the shortage of electricity is very serious.After the project of the Zong Gu hydropower station is completed, it will become the second          
       Tuohai company mainly to provide: Gravel parts etc..