Uganda Kaluma project

2018-January-25th Source: Author:
       Kaluma hydropower station project is located in the northwest of Uganda. The main contents of the project for river dam, diversion system and supporting power project, the total installed capacity of 600 thousand kilowatts, the construction contract period of 5 years.The government of Uganda for more than ten years ago began operation of Kaluma hydropower station project, there have been a number of foreign companies including Chinese hydropower, preliminary exploration and engineering design, and basically formed in 2009 preliminary design.Due to the impact of the financial crisis in Europe and America, the project was officially launched in the first half of this year. China's hydropower has defeated many internationally renowned contractors through unremitting efforts, and finally won the nearly 1 billion 700 million dollar list in the way of EPC general contracting. The project entrusted the eight hydropower Bureau of China to take the lead to form a 812 joint venture, which is responsible for the specific implementation of the project. Among them, the design of the hydropower station is responsible for the East China power station and Henan Electric Power Design Institute and other units. The construction of the long tail water tunnel is undertaken by the five bureaus of hydropower.In August 12, 2013, Ukrainian President Museveni attended the groundbreaking ceremony Kaluma hydropower station, the project officially entered the implementation stage.
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