Long nine (Shen Shan) limestone mine project

2018-January-25th Source: Author:
       The long nine (Shen Shan) limestone mine project is located in the southwest direction of Chizhou City, Anhui province. It belongs to Qingshan village and Shen Shan village in Pai Lou Town, Guichi District, Chizhou, and is about 37 km away from Chizhou city.The Logistics Corridor project belongs to the archway town, the Yin Hui District and the Niu tau Shan town, and the mine terminal project is located in Niu tau Shan port of Niu tou town.
       The area of the long nine (Shen Shan) limestone mine area is about 4.73 square kilometers, the total reserves are about 19.08 million tons, and the mining species are limestone. The total operation period of the project is 29.5 years, and the total investment is about 9 billion 150 million.The scale of the project is 70 million tons per year, which is divided into three parts, mine mining and ore processing, logistics corridor and Ore Wharf.After blasting, the ore is transported to the ore processing system by way of the well. After processing, the finished product mixture is transported to the dock yard by long distance belt conveyor. After being sieved and graded, it is shipped from the ship loader.
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