The two phase of Wuhan Rail Transit Line 8

2018-January-25th Source: Author:
       The civil engineering construction of the first phase of Wuhan Rail Transit Line 8 phase 1 civil engineering construction project consists of a vehicle depot and a comprehensive base, an access line, two stations, three shield sections and three connection channels.This section is from Sanjintan depot station right DK0+529.200, since the end of fitness center station chief 4203.42m DK4+732.620.Sanjintan depot station and the station adopts the spring metro, three interval are constructed by shield method, single shield interval length of 6211.448 meters, a total investment of four sets of shield machine.
The bidding section implements the BT mode. The construction period is 27 months. The construction starts in October 1, 2014, and the construction of all stations and ancillary structures is completed in December 31, 2016. All of them are delivered to the installation and decoration works.
       Tuohai company mainly to provide: steel sheet pile.