Xiangxi Jing Kai District, Shuanghe culture and education new area PPP project

2018-January-25th Source: Author:
       Xiangxi Economic Development Zone Shuanghe Wei Cultural District PPP project is located in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Economic Development Zone, is included in the first batch of PPP demonstration project in Hunan Province, has been highly concerned by the government and the community committee of state.The project adopts BOT (construction operation transfer) PPP mode to carry out operation. It is jointly invested by eight bureaus of hydropower and Jifeng Investment Development Co., Ltd. to set up Project Manage Company.This project is mainly for housing construction, and municipal road projects, including the primary school affiliated to Jishou University Teachers College (CETZ campus), a service Road (open section), Xueyuan Road, Xueyuan Road, Feng Road extension line project etc..The total construction period of the project is 5 years, and the operation period of each sub project is 15 years.
       Tuohai company mainly to provide: material, plate, steel etc..