Development of the Yuping mountain food industrial zone in Ningxiang economic and Technological Development Zone

2018-January-25th Source: Author:
       Yuping mountain food industry area is mainly Muslim food industry, with a total planning of over 1400 mu. It is committed to build the largest international food industry high-end service platform and industrial tourism demonstration area in the central region.This project contains mount Yuping international industrial city two, land area of about 200 acres, plans to build the largest food safety demonstration base in the central region of the Wangning; three, land area of about 139 acres, the construction of 8 buildings supporting public rental facilities, office building 1, and commercial facilities; Malaysia International Halal food industry the park, about 250 acres of land, plans to build "a museum four" Malaysia International Halal Food Industrial Park, the Islamic Culture Museum, halal food production and processing area, logistics area and storage area of halal food, halal food Muslim life service area display trade area; Blue Valley Park and Yuping park. The construction of the original ecological park of about 400 acres.
Ningxiang Economic Development Zone as an important part of the Yangtze River economic belt, Hunan Xiangjiang district and other national and regional development strategy and the "Hunan food", with Gaga, Huarun, and other well-known master enterprises, is the country's first food industrial park and the only special food processing industrial park.
       Tuohai company mainly to provide: round steel, steel and so on.