Baihetan project

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       Baihetan Hydropower Station is located in the territory of Sichuan province and Ningnan County Yunnan County of Qiaojia Province, is the second cascade hydropower station in the Jinsha River downstream river cascade development, is mainly for power generation, flood control, sediment control, improve the downstream shipping conditions and the development of navigation in the area and other comprehensive benefits.The normal storage level of the reservoir is 825 meters, and the corresponding storage capacity is 20 billion 600 million cubic meters. The underground plant has 14 generating units, the initial installed capacity is 14 million kilowatts, and the average annual generating capacity is 60 billion 240 million kwh.A concrete hyperbolic arch dam, 289 meters high, the crest elevation of 834 meters, top width of 13 meters, maximum 72 meters wide at the bottom.The main project of the power station in 2013 was formally started. The first batch of units in 2018 were planned to generate electricity, and the project was completed in 2022. The static investment was 84 billion 600 million. It is one of the important projects of the "west to East power supply".After the completion of the power station, it will be second only to the Three Gorges hydropower station to become the second largest hydropower station in China.
Hydropower eight bureau is currently assumed under the rock slope engineering, mainly including xiahongyan accumulation control engineering, control engineering, Dazhai gully debris flow dam on the right bank slope above the excavation and support engineering, Linjiang Mizoguchi slag dam.In 2014, the right dam shoulder of the eight bureau of hydropower station was excavated.
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