Datengxia project

2018-January-25th Source: Author:
       Datengxia water control project is located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region city of Guiping, is the Red River Cascade planning in the last step, flood control, shipping, power generation, water pressure, salty irrigation and other comprehensive benefits. The power station installed 8 200 thousand KW hydroelectric generating sets, with a total installed capacity of 1 million 600 thousand kilowatts.
The left bank of the main project including Datengxia sluice dam, the left powerhouse construction and machinery, metal structure installation, the main content of the construction of Qianjiang dam, Qianjiang auxiliary dam and auxiliary dam, South Building, wood River flood locks, river right bank powerhouse, irrigation water intake, fish such as the hub building, and water and reservoir inundation treatment environmental engineering.Qianjiang dam is a concrete gravity dam type, dam crest length of 1243.06 meters, crest elevation 64 meters, the dam height of 80.01 meters.Qianjiang dam and South Wood River types of auxiliary dam with clay rockfill dam, the dam height of 30 meters and 39.8 meters respectively. The ship lock scale is 3000 tons.It is planned to start in October 1st this year and completion in February 29, 2020. The total construction period of the contract is 53 months.
       Tuohai company mainly to provide: anchor plate, channel steel, angle steel, steel bar, angle iron, manganese steel, oil belt etc..