• Trade operations Business
    Trade operations
    Domestic trade operations

    Content Details:The management and administration of equipment for construction, bidding, purchasing, and sales of large quantities of materials, such as steel, cement, fly ash, and other major projects are mainly engaged in the agency business of materials and equipment.

    Client:The parent company China Water Resources and Hydropower Eighth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.. Production units, group member units, other construction central enterprise domestic operation projects.

    International trade operations

    Content Details:Construction materials, household materials, complete sets of equipment, and labor insurance supplies for construction purposes have actively expanded international and bilateral trade by radiating the surrounding areas of supply of materials for projects.

    Client:Import and export of equipment, materials and technologies of the production units, member units of the group and other central construction enterprises operating projects abroad belonging to the parent company China Water Resources and Hydropower Eighth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.. The products currently sold involve regional markets in Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Africa, South Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

  • Agency Service Agency Service
    >Agency Service
    Import and Export Agency

    Agency business:Customs declaration, export tax refund, international logistics, etc..

    Client:To provide customers with timely and convenient "one-stop" foreign trade services.

    Sandstone Marketing Agency

    Agency business:Market research, marketing planning, marketing, etc..

    Client:China Electric Construction Anhui Changjiu New Materials Co., Ltd..

  • Smart Building Works Smart Building Works
    Smart Building Works
    Smart Community Platform System:

    The various independent intelligent systems in the community are organically combined on a platform to achieve centralized management, unified control, and intelligent linkage, and provide a unified intelligent integrated management system management interface for the property, which can be based on the needs of real estate and property. Key management module information for parking lot, access control, monitoring, patrol, home security, remote meter meter measurement system, public broadcasting, etc.......

    Second Generation Cloud Parking Robot Watch System:

    Let the robot replace the paid personnel of the kiosk for the development concept, develop the cloud parking robot management system, comprehensively rely on the new technology environment, application environment and commercial environment, a license plate recognition, APP collection, the Internet and wireless network as a carrier, and make every effort to build a parking lot system. Low-cost management new era.

  • Brand Self-employed brand
    Self-employed brand


    Shield machine foam, concrete additives