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2019-June-16th Source:Baju Author:Xiewang(finishing)
World Bank: Domestic demand is the key to sustained economic growth in China
The World Bank's may issue of China's economic brief: dealing with greater uncertainty argues that China's growth has so far remained resilient amid a slowdown in global growth and increased trade tensions that have made the external environment even more unfavourable. In the fourth quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, GDP growth was 6.4 % year-on-year, which was slightly slower than the 6.8 % in the first half of 2018. The World Bank forecasts China's economic growth at 6.2 % in 2019 and 6.1 % in 2020. The bank believes that the Chinese economy needs to rely more on domestic demand to maintain rapid growth.
(From Xinhuanet)
Li Keqiang: We will press ahead with reform and opening up and strive to achieve all-round revitalization of Northeast China
On June 6, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Premier of the State Council, and leader of the leading group of old industrial bases such as the State Council's revitalization of the Northeast region, presided over a meeting of the leading group to study the deployment and further promote the revitalization of the Northeast.
Li Keqiang pointed out that the comprehensive revitalization of Northeast China depends on reform and opening up. We need to effectively change our thinking, make greater efforts to transform government functions internally, speed up the dissemination of the experience gained in the reform of free trade pilot zones, and take the lead in promoting reform of "management services" and improving the business environment. The state will take the lead in conducting business environmental evaluation in the Northeast region. All departments should give greater support to Northeast China in streamlining administration and delegating power. Northeast China needs to implement policies such as tax cuts and fees on a larger scale, and the state will provide preferential support by setting up special transfer payments for the revitalization of Northeast China. We need to speed up the reform of state-owned enterprises 'state-owned assets and make breakthroughs, so as to solve the problems left over from history. We will break down hidden barriers and expand the private economy. We will make great efforts to open up the coastal economic belt and its borders, take more vigorous measures to open up the coastal areas, and create an open and cooperative plateau focused on Northeast Asia.
(Extracted from the Chinese government network)
Ministry of Commerce: will upgrade the existing 25 overseas economic and trade cooperation zones in Africa
Vice Minister of Commerce Qiankeming said on the 4th that he will upgrade the existing 25 overseas economic and trade cooperation zones in Africa, including infrastructure construction, investment environment, sewage treatment, vocational training, and environmental protection, and promote them to play a greater role. At the same time, a number of new economic and trade cooperation zones will be built in accordance with the development aspirations of African countries. In addition, the Ministry of Commerce is also studying policies to better support the development of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones.
Qiankeming said that the overseas economic and trade cooperation zone has become a new highlight of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation and a very important platform for Africa's industrialization. African countries are eager to learn from China's development experience. China's industrial parks and economic development zones have played a very important role in the process of reform and opening up in the past 40 years, pooling resources, pooling policies and providing public platforms for investment. It has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises, funds, and technologies. We have established about 25 economic and trade cooperation zones in Africa, which have made positive contributions to Africa's industrialization, job creation and export growth.
(From First Finance)
Developments in the Sankei
SASAC issued the list of delegated powers 2019 focused on "3 more"
Recently, the SASAC of the State Council issued the List of Authorizations of the SASAC of the State Council(2019 Edition). The relevant person in charge introduced that the SASAC has selected 5 categories and 35 items of delegated authority to be included in the "List", including planning investment and main business management(8 items); Property rights management(12 items); Selection of personnel(2 items); Remuneration management, total salary management and medium-and long-term incentives for enterprise leaders(10 items); Management of material financial matters(3 items), etc.. Compared with previous work, the main highlights of this year's list of delegated powers can be summarized as "three more." First, we need to clarify the relevant conditions and procedures and ensure that delegation of authority is implemented. Second, we need to focus more on the key concerns of enterprises and ensure that delegation of authority stimulates vitality. The third is to strengthen the classification authorization to ensure that the delegation of authority is accurate.
The person in charge said that while delegating power, the SASAC will focus on strengthening supervision and supervision, increase the level of supervision after the event, speed up the construction of information technology and continuously improve the real-time online state-owned investment supervision system. We will strengthen oversight and oversight over major key issues such as "triple and big" decision-making.
(From Securities Times Network)
Maxingrui: Promoting the construction of Dawan District in five aspects
Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Governor Maxingrui recently said that the construction of the Taiwan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao is a major opportunity for Guangdong's reform and opening up. The three regions will unite and collaborate to build the Dawan District into a world-class urban agglomeration and a first-class Bay Area. The construction of the Greater Bay Area will be promoted from the following five aspects:
First, we need to optimize the business environment by focusing on the convergence of rules, adhere to the principles of "one country" and make good use of the benefits of "two systems", so as to realize the convenient and orderly flow of information on the flow of capital flows from the flow of people. Second, speed up the construction of the International Science and Technology Innovation Center in Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macao. Third, the construction of the Taiwan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao has become an important support for the "Belt and Road" construction. Fourth, promote infrastructure connectivity. The Liantang/Xiangyuan Wai Port in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and the Guangdong-Macao New Corridor from Macau to Zhuhai will be completed by the end of the year. In addition, the coordinated development of high-speed rail, ports and airports will be promoted. Fifth, we need to create a quality life circle that is suitable for living in suitable industries and provide good conditions for young people in Hong Kong and Macao to innovate and start their own businesses.
(From First Finance)
Technology escort construction industry to speed up access to new safe production routes
Recently, next to the landmark vertical greening headquarters building of Country Garden in Foshan, Guangdong, the headquarters phase 3 project building is rising. This project uses information management methods such as BIM technology, face recognition, panoramic monitoring, and quality Antong. The wisdom of building a comprehensive site is refreshing. The pace of security reform in the construction industry accelerated. According to data provided by the Country Garden Group Operations Center in May 2019, the group currently has 16 "smart site" projects; In addition to the continuous application of Internet of Things, mobile terminals, cloud services, artificial intelligence and other technologies, these "smart sites" will be integrated into the latest research and development of Bozhilin's architectural robots.
Liudongwei, chief architect of China architectural standard design Institute, believes that the problems and contradictions of the low industrialization of construction industry and the accumulation of traditional construction modes are still outstanding. The modernization of construction industry should be promoted to fundamentally promote the transformation of construction production methods in China. The new climate on these construction sites is a microcosm of the changes in the construction industry. It reflects the rapid integration of digitization, informatization and industrialization in the current construction industry. It also portends further profound changes in the construction industry in the future.
(From Economic Reference)
III. Management
"No mission" is holding employees back from joining the elite.
In the corporate environment, there are many employees like the "bell monk". They will feel idle because they lack goals. In the long run, they will erase their enthusiasm for work and people will be depressed.
A friend said that this is what happens in their company: some employees feel that they are working well when they are working on projects because the work is more intense and challenging. However, when there are no projects to do, they feel very bored because they do not do nothing every day and do not know what to do.
"Being a monk for a day" is due to the fact that the abbot did not announce the work standards and goals in advance. If the monk understands the standard and importance of the bell on the day he enters the temple, he will not be passive. The case of a friend company also shows that not everyone can effectively and autonomously set their own work goals and then manage their own work hours.
Therefore, the work standards and goals are the guidelines for employees 'behavior. The lack of them often leads to the inconsistency of employees' efforts and the overall development direction of the company, resulting in a large amount of human and material resources wasted. Due to the lack of reference materials, employees are prone to complacency over time, resulting in Slack work.
Alasita•pijingdun, president of the Peyton Brothers Corporation in the United States, once proposed: "If people can not understand the rules and goals of work clearly, he must not have confidence in his work and can not concentrate on it. "Later, it was called" Pitington Theorem. "
As a manager, you must learn to set different goals and specific tasks for different employees. Let them have a "master mind" and know what they should be working for, or at least what their specific task is today.
1. Job standards and goals are guidelines for employee behavior
With work standards in place, employees can follow them. Mr Morita stressed that business leaders must constantly set goals for engineers, which is their top priority. For knowledge workers, business leaders can constantly set goals for them so that they do not get stuck in the middle of nowhere.
In addition, communication is always the basis of management, lack of communication management will inevitably lead to problems. In daily work, communication can be divided into: downward communication: managers need to clearly describe the tasks, results, requirements, evaluation methods, etc., to avoid fuzzy management, using SMART to manage; Upward communication: When receiving a task, employees should not only be aware of what to do, but also understand why they do so, what leadership expectations are, and what standards are measured, so that they are targeted; Parallel communication: information exchange and resource sharing between colleagues is more conducive to work.
2. Set goals with a sense of purpose
Akio Morita believes that the goals formulated must have three attributes, namely, scientific, practical, and advanced, so that they can walk in front of their opponents and stand in an invincible position. Otherwise, if the goal is unrealistic, it will lose a lot of money. Not only will the people hurt their money, but also the enthusiasm of the developers. Therefore, the formulation of goals is not blind. It originates from reality, conforms to the scope of development research, and has a certain degree of success.
When Ren Zhengfei was asked what Huawei could come up with to attract more high-end talents, Ren Zhengfei also replied that it was a sense of mission. "Material treatment will certainly have specific measures, mainly giving them a sense of mission and an opportunity to do things. Let scientists play their freedom. "
3. The completion of the goal requires vertical cooperation between the company and the company
Goals and tasks have limited incentives. It is a necessary condition for employees to have work passion, not a sufficient condition. The real incentive is inside, and the outside is inside and outside. Therefore, if we want to arouse the enthusiasm of employees, we need to motivate and motivate employees.
In formulating the plan, the Pitington Brothers Company needs the cooperation of various departments within the company, such as the storage department, the production department, the market investigation department, and the accounting department; In the implementation of the plan, it is necessary for the decision-making and implementation levels to cooperate with each other in order to implement the plan. To achieve such vertical cooperation, there must be a preferential compensation system, reasonable bonuses, benefits, and more to understand the needs of employees and know(rather than stipulate) the ability they can contribute; And break through all kinds of difficulties, let them display their strengths.
However, many managers tend to ignore building physical mechanisms that stimulate progress, mistakenly thinking that as long as they set the right goals, they will continue to try new things. However, this is absolutely not enough. It also requires the development of something that can continuously stimulate progress and strengthen behavior so that organizations can continue to progress. 3M is one of the companies of the industry. It not only throws a group of smart people into the pot, but hopes for a good result. Instead, it burns a fire under the pot and stirs it desperately.
(From World Manager)