The global 500 strong and ten years: the epitome of the rise of China

2018-January-24th Source: Author:
        For the first time in China for a long time, Fortune 500 list of the in-depth analysis published by the State Grid Energy Research Institute report "ten years" observation of the world's top 500 enterprises before the day.
        According to the report, the operation and development trend of the world's top 500 enterprises is highly consistent with the world economic development and pattern changes. It can serve as a window for all sectors of the society to observe and understand the world's economic development. From the total point of view, in 2007 -2017, the total business revenue of the world's top 500 enterprises increased from 21 trillion US dollars to 28 trillion US dollars, and the ratio with the total GDP of the world always stabilized at around 40%. From the trend, the world's top 500 enterprises operating income growth rate, on the list of "threshold" growth rate and GDP growth rate of the world are highly similar, ten years, the world economy has experienced two obvious fluctuations: one is the impact of the international financial crisis, the 2010 annual world GDP growth rate dropped to the bottom, the top 500 list of the "threshold" to ten years minimum of $17 billion 50 million; two is the beginning of 2013 the world economy appears again to adjust the depth, the year 2016 dropped to the bottom, the top 500 list of the "threshold" from a peak of $23 billion 720 million down to $20 billion 920 million. In 2017, the "threshold" of the top 500 rose to $21 billion 610 million, indicating the emergence of a steady recovery in the global economy.
        The report shows that the financial industry makes the most money. In -2017 in 2007, among the 50 most profitable enterprises in the world's top 500, the pattern of the industry in which it was located has disappeared. The most profitable industries in 2007 were mainly Finance (40%), oil refining (28%), energy (3%), telecommunications (2%), while in 2017, the industry pattern changed to finance (45%), telecommunications (8%), computers and office equipment (6%), network services and retail sales (4%). The financial industry is well deserved to become the most profitable industry. The profit share of the listed companies is basically showing a steady growth trend. In addition to the sharp decrease in the profit margin of the financial crisis in 2009, the rest of the year is about 30%, which is close to 45% in recent two years. Two industries, computer and office equipment, network service and retailing, have been "upstart" in recent years. They increased rapidly after the first time in 2009 and 2010, and the profit share increased by 3.8 times and 2.4 times respectively. The oil refining industry has fallen in a straight line in the past 5 years, at a time when it reached 36.9%, at the moment only 1.1%. In general, in addition to the financial industry, the world's top 500 most profitable enterprises in the distribution of industry concentration overall decline, the industry form a diversified trend.
        The report says network services and retail development are the fastest. Ten years, network services and retail industry revenue growth from $19 billion 400 million to $339 billion 400 million, an increase of 17 times; the total profit growth from $210 million to $44 billion 170 million, an increase of 210 times; companies on the list of Amazon's highest ranking rose from 365th to twenty-sixth. In the network services and retail companies, China and the United States are two in the world, each accounting for 3. In 2009, Amazon and Google were on the list for the first time, leading to a sharp increase in revenue and profits. Since 2016, network service and retail industry ushered in the golden period of growth, the number of companies on the list in the list of companies ranked double, rapid increase in the total amount of revenue and profit rose sharply, especially in 2017, Alibaba, Tencent China two enterprises on the list for the first time, bring second times the industry's explosive growth.
        The rise of Chinese enterprises reflects the rise of China's economy. In the 500 strong and ten years of the world, Chinese enterprises have made a brilliant report card. First, the number of companies on the list has increased significantly. In 2007 -2017, the number of Chinese enterprises in the world top 500 rose from 30 to 115, an increase of about 2.8 times. The gap between China and the US and Europe was significantly reduced, and far exceeds Japan, becoming the main force in the rapid rise of the 500 strong enterprises. Two is a significant increase in the ranking. In the past ten years, the ranking of Chinese listed companies has risen from 302nd to 256th, and occupies a more and more important position in the top 100 "tower tip enterprises". In 2007, only 3 of the top 100 companies entered the list. In 2017, they had increased to 20. In 2009, Chinese enterprises entered the top 10 for the first time, and now occupy 3 seats. They are ranked second, third, fourth in the national grid, Sinopec and CNPC. The three is that the strength is increasing. Over the past ten years, the world's top 500 enterprises in China increased their average business earnings and average profits from 32 billion 400 million US dollars to 2 billion 100 million US dollars to 54 billion 900 million US dollars and 2 billion 900 million US dollars respectively, which accounted for 18 percentage points of the world's total 500 strong ones. In 2008 -2010, the world top 500 China listed companies accounted for a significant proportion of profits than the proportion of business income. It reflected that during the international financial crisis, Chinese enterprises outperformed the world average level and played an important role in stabilizing the world economy. Four, new kinetic energy and new industry thrive. In 2007, the top companies in China were mainly concentrated in traditional industries such as industry. In recent years, with the deepening of supply side structural reform, traditional energy and industrial sectors vigorously implemented "de capacity". China's list of industrial and energy businesses has slowed down. At the same time, under the policies and measures of encouraging and promoting the development of new industries in the country, emerging industries are emerging and developing together with industries such as finance, traditional industries and energy, and orderly transformation of new and old energy. The world's top 500 enterprises in China are becoming more diversified. In 2017, 4 companies in the information technology and telecom services industry came up. The total business revenue increased by 70 billion 850 million US dollars, an increase of 15.7%. China is becoming the leader of the new wave of Internet technology revolution in the world.
        The report pointed out that the electric power enterprise as the backbone of the world's top 500 enterprises, maintain the steady progress of development. Compared with the world top 500, ten years of the development of electric power enterprises China list showed the following characteristics: one is on the list, the 2007 -2017 year the world's top 500 list of the basic stability of electric power enterprises in about 24, China list power enterprises increased from 2 to 8, the proportion of the number increased from 1/10 to 1 /3, the national Power Grid Corp ranked the forefront of the world, the past two years won the world top 500 in second place, is the only power enterprises to enter the world top 500 top 10.             The two is the large scale. In the ten years, the top 500 in the world, China's list of power enterprises increased from 67 billion 600 million US dollars to 71 billion 300 million US dollars, the average profit increased from 1 billion 700 million US dollars to 1 billion 900 million US dollars, and the average business income and profit scale were all higher than the world level. The three is fast development. In the ten years, the top 500 in the world, China's list of power companies increased by about 5.9 times and revenue increased by about 3.2 times, while the world increased by 1 times and 0.8 times in the same period. China is far higher than the world average level. The four is good performance. After the financial crisis, the top 500 of the world's list of China's top companies showed a trend of upward trend in the performance of the electricity market, and the profit margin of 2013 was 3.4%, which basically reached the peak before the financial crisis. After 2011, the performance of the top 500 Chinese power companies was obviously superior to the world level. The five is the high leverage. In 2007 -2017, China's listed companies' overall solvency is weaker than that of the world's power companies, especially after the financial crisis. From the perspective of asset liability ratio, the asset liability ratio of China's listed power companies increased from 60% to 75% in 2009, and surpassed the world average in 2011. In recent years, asset liability ratio has declined, but still exceeds 80%. From the perspective of interest bearing liabilities, China's listed power companies are basically over 45% in recent years, while the world is below 40%. China's power industry, especially the power generation enterprises, has a long way to go.