Shun Seongyong seeks development for cohesion

2019-June-16th Source:Marketing Group 4, East China Business Division Author:Chenlijuan Wu Gang Tian Ye
-- Record of cement business development of Tuohai Company
        Since the reorganization of the capital increase in 2017, Tuohai has closely followed the National "Belt and Road" initiative and relied on the platform of the China Electric Construction and Engineering Bureau to provide professional and diversified business services to customers at home and abroad. We will form a diversified trade pattern featuring steel, cement, fly ash, labor insurance, and trade in infrastructure equipment and materials.
        So far, Tuohai's newly developed cement business sales output value of 200 million ... from scratch, from small to large, this is Tuohai's breakthrough in the cement business market, behind the efforts of many employees.
Integration of resource intensive cultivation
        In the words of the company's party secretary and executive director Wangjianjun, "Grow melons, grow beans, get beans," and "sow well in spring and have a good harvest in autumn." The market is the best referee for testing ability. In the face of fierce competition in the cement market, the company closely revolves around the "three major and three small" regional layout of the engineering Bureau, formulate a detailed sales plan, and invest in this battlefield without smoke.
By visiting the upstream manufacturers of strength in the regional market one by one, using the water grinding time of two to three relatives, integrating high-quality factory resources, and successively working with Anhui Conch Headquarters and more than a dozen subordinate sales offices, As well as dozens of domestic large-scale cement manufacturers such as Zhongcai, South China, Huaxin, China Resources, Red Lion, Taiwan Mud, and Huaningyuzhu, they have established long-term cooperative relations and actively promoted strategic cooperation. At the same time, in line with the purpose of honesty and win-win cooperation, we have sought out trade experts, handed over trade experts, and talked with powerful businessmen about cooperation, development, and sharing results, thus laying a solid foundation for business development and project implementation.
Strengthen management and practice internal skills
        The iron also needs to be hard, enterprise internal work is the fundamental guarantee of business development. The company has strengthened internal management and operation by continuously optimizing its organizational structure, establishing a sound institutional mechanism, streamlining business processes.
        In the past two years, the company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification; The bank's credit practice continued to improve and obtained a 2A-credit rating. The business team uses three to four people as a combat unit, with indicators to people and responsibilities to the post. Each project is under the responsibility of a special person to sign a performance statement of responsibility, from the establishment of project analysis, bid preparation, project payment, delivery, reconciliation, return and other links to implement closed-loop management. Through half monthly PPT reports and management meetings to ensure that the cement supply to follow up the project is scientific, reasonable and controllable. The functional departments such as the Ministry of Market Management adhere to the "independent operation of the business and centralized and unified management", and do a good job in project performance management and service work from multiple dimensions such as suppliers, logistics, funds, inspection and supervision, and daily procedures.
Internal and external re-breaking board transformation
        In July 2018, when Chairman Zhusuhua of the Engineering Bureau came to the company to inspect and direct the work, he pointed out: "To take into account the internal and external business, and place equal emphasis on domestic and foreign markets, we must draw on the advantages of brands, platforms, and funds to integrate resources. Focus. The company has strengthened its internal and external development strategy. In 2018, the company won a total of more than a dozen projects such as the Changjiu New Materials Project of Sandstone Company and the Great Airport Project of the railway company.
        At the same time, through the integration of resources and high-quality performance, the outsourcing cement business is growing. One after another, it has obtained the cement procurement project for the construction of the total package of the Yanyuan Expressway of the 14th Bureau of Hydropower, the 17th Bureau of the China Railway, the 4th Bureau of Hydropower, the 5th Bureau of Hydropower, the 12th Bureau of Hydropower, and the Hunan Construction Industry. Supply contract. The cement business started from scratch and accounted for nearly 1/4 of the total number of successful contracts won by the company in 2018, which achieved a smooth break in the out-of-office business.
        At present, Tuohai has a relatively stable market share in key cement demand areas such as Changzhutan, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.
Quality services to ensure compliance
        Tuohai actively optimize services, expand the content of product services, extended after-sales service to the whole process of sales, all-round. Regional projects assign relevant business personnel to follow up, on the one hand focusing on cement products, supervision of cargo loading and unloading into the warehouse, maintain in-depth communication with customers, monthly written reports to customers on the quantity and quality of supplies; On the one hand, maintain regular contact with the supervisor, cooperate with the supervisor to do a good job in cement sampling, grasp the changes in cement quality, and feedback with the manufacturer in a timely manner.
        In September 2018, due to heavy rain, the main road surface of the railway company's Dagonggang project was seriously flooded and the cement tanker was difficult to exercise. The salesmen stationed in the project, Chensiyuan, Lixinbo, and Xujing, could not rest and dredged the road through heavy rain overnight. After unremitting rescue and hard work, the cement tanker arrived safely at the scene and unloaded.
        As a unit that has signed cement contracts with four of the four sections of the Jianyuan Expressway and performed well, Tuohai Company is deeply trusted and recognized by the total package unit. Because the original supplier was unable to supply on schedule, Yao, the head of materials for a certain section of the Jianyuan Expressway project, immediately thought of Tuohai Company and called for help. Due to the tight time, the demand is large, and catch up with the statutory holidays, it is very difficult to urgently transfer goods. Through the research and understanding of the unsupplied project, with its own good reputation and general customer channels, the company decided: emergency supply! More than 200 tons of cement arrived at the project overnight. When Minister Yao, in his 40s, saw the cement, he was excited and said: "Without this cement, the project will be forced to stop work! Thank you for addressing the urgent need for cement supplies during our holiday season! After the news spread, Tuohai Company successively signed cement procurement contracts with the other four sections of the Jianyuan Expressway, further expanding the market share.
When serving customers, each Tuohai people will "think of the customer's thoughts, urgent customer's urgent", trying to make customers satisfied.
Focus on marketing to create a brand
        To expand the market, focus on marketing. First of all, each project as much as possible to carry out the necessary and detailed research, do not rely on imagination random speculation, do not rely on experience hasty decision, down to work. From the owner side investigation, the project site route survey, to the upper reaches of the factory survey, from the competitor analysis to their own merits and demerits comparison, on the basis of full understanding, find their own positioning, enhance their strengths and weaknesses, form a combination of boxing. It is necessary to adjust the marketing strategy according to the market conditions and further explore the new mode of marketing.
Implement a scientific sales strategy. At the beginning of 2018, according to the market conditions, the company divided a number of sales markets such as the East China Zone, the South China Zone, and the Southwest Zone. Each district set up a regional sales team to target people and take responsibility for the post. It not only quickens the sales rhythm, strengthens the ability to fight the market impact, but also effectively reduces the company's business risk.
Strive for a loud brand. Under the guidance of the "Shangshui" culture of the Engineering Bureau, we have demonstrated the unique temperament of the eight people in our work. With the awareness of full marketing, we have widely participated in industry conferences, newspapers and magazines professional forums, and used economic and trade exchanges. Multi-channel, all-round increase brand promotion efforts to create a loud brand.
        As a supplier, Tuohai Company won the honorary title of "AA Class Material Excellent Supplier" of China Railway 17th Bureau Group Third Engineering Co., Ltd.; As a purchaser, Tuohai Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of "Quality Customer" in 2018 and "Quality Customer" in 2018 by Chizhou Hailuo Cement Co., Ltd.. In the course of actively developing cement trade business, tuohai company has been honored in both directions. This is a great recognition and encouragement given by customers. It is also an effective proof of the brand strength of the company!
Details determine success or failure. There are no shortcuts to the market. Past experience can only be used as a reference, and every part of the work must be taken seriously. With dreams as horses, the future can be expected. Tuohai people believe that as long as they do not forget the initial heart and work hard together, they can open up the land and reach the sea!