Tuohai Company has friendly exchanges with some regional partners in Guangxi

2019-May-7th Source: Author:
        On April 24, Yangli, deputy general manager of Tuohai Company, led three groups of businesses to Nanning, Guangxi, to conduct business exchanges and communications with some partners. The partners all said that the cooperation with Tuohai Company is very smooth and pleasant, and is full of expectations for the next cooperation.
        In the morning, under the leadership of Huangqingxi, general manager of the plywood supplier Yongsen Wood Company, Yangli visited the factory and learned about the plywood process, production machinery and product sales. Among them, half of the sales of Xiaohebanzhanyongsen wood sold to Cambodia. Huangqingxi said: "Most of the plywood in the construction site in Cambodia is produced by our factory. "
        In the afternoon, Yangli and his party visited Jiangwei, deputy general manager of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port Group Logistics Company. Beibu Gulf Port will reorganize and integrate the three coastal ports, facing Southeast Asia and connecting East and West China. It is the largest port serving the Great Southwest and ASEAN Free Trade Area. It aims to build China-ASEAN regional international shipping hubs and port logistics.
        Since the reorganization of Tuohai Corporation, it has closely followed the National "Belt and Road" initiative and actively developed export trade. The international trade direction is clear. Yangli said that tuohai and Guangxi regional partners in the process of cooperation, mutual support, to open up the market together, established a good strategic partnership, hope to further deepen exchanges in the future, mutual benefit and win-win.
        This exchange not only consolidated the business relations between the two sides, but also opened up the Southeast Asian market to establish the foundation of goods and logistics.