Tuohai Company organizes open competition for middle-level cadres

2019-May-7th Source: Author:
        On April 12th, Tuohai Company organized an open competition for the general management department and the director of the market management department(deputy director) to deepen the talents of the elite inside and outside the Bureau and expand the talent reserve of the company's middle-level cadres.
        In the early stages of the company, through the engineering bureau website, company website, WeChat Public Number, Zhilian Recruitment and other external platforms, multiple channels and multiple forms of relevant recruitment announcement information are issued to provide candidates with reliable and high-quality employment opportunities. On the morning of that day, the company's leadership members formed an interviewer team to conduct one-on-one interviews with job seekers, and the entire process was fair, open, and fair. Each candidate through self-introduction, express the position of awareness and the direction of future work, the on-site defense link is more personal and corporate reality, ask the point, reflected in the details. A cup of tea, a warm reminder, the thoughtful interview service also left a good impression on the candidates.
        Tuohai Company attaches great importance to talents and knows that talents are the guarantee of the success of the company. This time, the management personnel of the general management department and the market management department will further discover and train talents, provide the company with a pool of young cadres, and gradually form the advantages of the company's sustainable talents strategic development.