Extraterritorial Cement Purchase Project of Takumi Company

2019-May-7th Source: Author:
        Recently, tuohai has successfully won the bid for the construction of the total package cement project in the 14th Bureau of hydropower, marking the new stage results achieved by tuohai development bureau.
        Since the start of the Jianshui-Yuanyang section expressway project last year, Tuohai Company has conducted in-depth analysis and comparison of six cement manufacturers that meet the construction party's requirements and have strong strength around the project after nearly three months of preparation, follow-up and investigation. In the end, it signed a strategic agreement on regional cement supply cooperation with a manufacturer with excellent comprehensive strength and strong cooperation intention, which laid a solid foundation for achieving good performance of the project. With its good social reputation, supply performance, and corresponding financial capabilities, Tuohai Company has received high recognition from the 14th Bureau of Hydropower, and was eventually identified as the winning bidder for the cement procurement project of the total package of the Jianyuan Expressway. To undertake the task of supplying about 380,000 tons of cement in the three stages of the project.
         With the market-oriented operation, vigorously expanding the Bureau's external business has always been one of the development directions of Tuohai's efforts. Tuohai will closely follow the development of the engineering Bureau, do solid, strong, and large domestic infrastructure equipment and materials trade, for the engineering bureau's "multiplier action" goal.