The recruitment announcement of Hunan province Tuohai Trading Company

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        Hunan province TuohaiT trading company (hereinafter referred to as Tuohai company), is a wholly owned subsidiary of China water conservancy and hydropower eighth Engineering Bureau Co., the Limited by Share Ltd's China power construction the world's top five hundred enterprises, the company followed the national "The Belt and Road" initiative, relying on the electric power construction platform, to provide professional and reliable service of multi commodity trade at home and abroad customer. The company is gradually building a diversified business layout, which is based on infrastructure, equipment and cross-border trade, logistics, and intelligent building design and construction and ecological agriculture industry chain.
        Because the job needs, it was decided, is now facing the Engineering Bureau and the whole society to open recruitment of general manager of company Tuohai east division or deputy general manager 1, business manager 2-3, relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

        First, competition for jobs, positions and requirements:

        Note: one that is required to prepare for a concise, fully self - presenting speech
        Two. Work procedure
        1. registration time:
        Who meet the prescribed conditions, can voluntarily enroll, submit the relevant documents before March 10, 2018.
        2. the information required for registration:

        (1) the electronic version of the registration form (see Annex).
        (2) the identification of ID card, academic certificate, degree certificate and other documents.
        (3) the main achievements (achievements) materials and related materials in recent years.
        (4) Whoever is in line with the requirements of the job, first need to register in the official website entry of China hydropower eight bureau,, and send the above materials to The name of the mail will be named as "application post name".
        3. the way of contact:
        Enrolment contacts: Mr. Song and Ms. Liu
        Contact the phone: 0731-82731156, 0731-82731106
        Contact place: Yuncheng mansion No. 413, No. 413 Friendship Road, Tianxin District, Changsha City, Changsha
        Recruitment information verification phone: Mr. Deng 0731-82866198
4:Qualification by the company to do a comprehensive summary of Tuohaii registration information, review the qualifications of candidates determined in hiring. When the primary election personnel are determined, the interview or investigation will be organized to determine the final candidate.
        5. interview time: further notice
        Resume screening qualification audits pass the direct phone or QQ way to inform the interview, do not send e-mail invitation letter, all the application materials will be properly kept for safekeeping, and no refund will be given.
        This announcement
        Appendix: Registration Form
                                                                   Hunan province Tuohai Trading Co. Ltd.          
February 8, 2018