• Deputy Director, Integrated Management Department
    • 1, assist the main leadership of the company to do a good job in the work of various departments and daily affairs.
      2, responsible for the annual comprehensive information of the head office, drafting the company's annual work summary, work plan, issuance of documents and review of manuscripts.
      3.To be responsible for the organization of the meeting and the important meeting, and to inspect and supervise the implementation of the meeting resolutions.
      4, responsible for the company's rules and regulations, revision and summary.
      5, responsible for the company's publicity and reporting work, the planning and organization of various activities and guest reception work.
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    • 1. Ai Gang is dedicated, decent, decent, healthy, and has a strong team spirit;
      2. Party members of the Communist Party of China, bachelor's degree or above in employment, journalism, Chinese language and other related majors;
      3. The writing skills are solid, the knowledge is comprehensive, and the field of vision is wide; Cheerful personality, good interpersonal skills;
      4. More than three years of experience in integrated management, under the age of 35(the right age can be relaxed).
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  • Deputy Director of Market Management
    • 1, under the premise of meeting the business goals of the company's strategic planning, analyzing the information of the company's internal, market, competitors, and consumers, can organize and formulate the company's strategic planning, and provide important opinions for the            company's development strategy.
      2, market insight, can seize market opportunities, according to the specific information of market research to formulate in line with the company's marketing strategy, resources integration, seize the market opportunity.
      3, can make rational use of business factors, coordinate the relationship between the parties, give play to the team spirit, so that the team's potential can be realized.
      4, responsible for investment promotion and new project feasibility analysis work.
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    • 1. Ai Gang is dedicated, decent, decent, healthy, under the age of 35;
      2. University degree or above;
      3. Familiar with the characteristics of the trade industry, with strategic planning ability, business decision-making ability, communication and coordination ability, and team awareness, there are no less than 5 years of experience in related fields.
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  • Business Manager
    • 1, responsible for the domestic regional market for infrastructure projects bulk materials trade work and bid preparation work;
      2, work in Changsha, Shenzhen, Hefei, Chizhou and other places.
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    • 1, under the age of 35, bachelor's degree ';
      2, with project operation, marketing, major customer maintenance experience;
      3, strong learning ability, active thinking, with strong text expression ability and language communication ability;
      4, with team spirit and good sense of service;
      5, can adapt to frequent business trips, there are large and medium-sized cement plants, steel mills, power plants and other factory resources are preferred.
      6, salary treatment: base salary plus performance(7-2 .2 million / year)
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